Name of the Agency: Middlesex Human Service Agency, Inc. (MHSA)

Name of the House/Facility: Answer House

Address: 5 G Street, South Boston, MA 02127

Phone (O): (617) 268-7124

Phone (F): (617) 268-5572


Mission Statement:

MHSA provides community-based shelter, nutrition, and recovery programs throughout Greater Boston to individuals and families in need, along with the life skills needed to build self-sufficiency to end homelessness, hunger and addiction.    

Program Type: 

Residential substance use disorder recovery home for men.


Answer House has been helping residents reestablish a sober lifestyle for over 40 years, by providing intensive substance use disorder treatment services up to 28 adult men for up to six months. 

After participating in a 30-day orientation process, clients are given the resources to work towards a variety of personal and programmatic goals, in accordance with house rules.  Among those resources are a variety of specialized in-house services, including group meetings, individual substance abuse counseling sessions, financial education, life skills training and more. 

Answer House is uniquely positioned to offer clients access to an extensive network of community service providers, with referrals to medical, behavioral health, employment, educational, legal and other needed services.​ 

By facilitating this outside support along with the intensive programming offered by Answer House staff, clients are encouraged to maintain meaningful employment while eventually moving into a stable, sober living environment.  By successfully completing the program, Answer House clients learn to utilize their sobriety as a tool to effectively navigate and maintain valuable relationships with family, friends, employers, and members of their communities.

Admission Criteria:

Participants must be 18+ years old and referred by an outside service provider (such as a detox program, CSS, TSS, court/criminal justice program or sober shelter). All potential clients must have their service provider contact our program staff to schedule an intake session and discuss the admissions process. Call 617-268-7124 to register.  For general inquiries, please send an e-mail to:

Referral Process: 

Applicant’s Case Manager should call Answer House directly at 617-268-7124. The Answer House Program Director will request any additional client information at that time.

Admission Contact:

Please call the Answer House Program Director at: 617-268-7124.

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