cushing house for boys

Name of the Agency: GAVIN FOUNDATION

Name of the House/Facility: CUSHING HOUSE for BOYS

 Address: 58 Old Colony Ave

Phone (O): 617-268-5000

Phone (F):617-269-2945

Mission Statement: The Gavin Foundation is dedicated to improving the quality of life for individuals in recovery with the mission to provide the highest quality of substance abuse prevention, education, treatment and support to our clients and the community.

Program Type:Residential Recovery Services

About:The Cushing House for Boys is a residential treatment program for young men, ages 16-20, seeking to recover from effects of alcohol and drug abuse. Accommodating up to 16 young men at a time, Cushing House for Boys aims for restoration of dignity and self-respect in an understanding, supportive, and home-like environment. Residents acquire and/or renew skills needed for mature and responsible lifestyles free of alcohol and other drugs within a structured program using evidence-based practices and the Twelve Steps as the core of recovery. Cushing House for Boys is licensed as a residential rehabilitation program for adults by the Bureau of Substance Abuse Services, Department of Public Health and is CARF certified.

Admission Criteria: Participants must meet the DSM V criteria for substance abuse disorder. Applicants have to be age and gender appropriate, detoxified and medically cleared prior to admission. Honest disclosure of all outside issues is required throughout the interview and treatment process.Average good health is required. We will make reasonable accommodations for anyone with a disability according to applicable ADA laws and regulations. Ability to maintain legitimate fulltime employment, or participation in an educational/vocational training program is part of our treatment program. Program participants must be willing to fully cooperate and participate in our substance abuse recovery program. As part of the screening process Cushing House for Boy’s staff must consult with all prescribing Doctors, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, and Psychiatrists in order to determine if our program services meet the client’s needs, to coordinate services, to be made aware of any potential medication side effects and the appropriate response to such side effects.

Referral Process:Referrals are accepted from: transitional Support Service Programs, Reentry Programs, short term residential programs, hospitals and other licensed substance abuse programs. As there is no wrong door to treatment individuals are welcome to call and we can assist you through the process. Please call 617-269-2933.