Name of the Agency: Eastern Middlesex Alcoholism Services, Inc.

Name of the House/Facility: EMAS

Address:  12 Cedar street Malden, MA. 02148

Phone (O): 781-321-2600

Phone (F): 781-324-5464

Website: www.easternmiddlesex.com

Mission Statement:  Our mission is to help residents live a productive life and achieve long term recovery. We use a Cognitive Behavioral and holistic approach; physical, mental, and spiritual with a strong emphasis on social inclusion with regards to racial, ethnic, socio-economic status, disability, health, and sexual orientation. Ours is a dynamic, nurturing community that responds to individual needs.

 Program Type: Residential Rehabilitation Facility (Recovery Home, Half Way House), Men

About:  Eastern Middlesex Alcoholism Services (EMAS) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit agency providing comprehensive adult substance abuse education, prevention and treatment programs for males aged 18 and older. Located in Malden, MA, Eastern Middlesex houses 30 residential beds. Throughout the client’s process, they engage in group therapy, one on one counseling and are integrated back into the workforce. Clients take on responsibilities and the maintenance of the house to ensure structure and everyday cleanliness.

   Eastern Middlesex also offers a continuum of care to individuals. Clients, once successfully completing the program, may have the option of living in one of the four continuum programs owned by Eastern Middlesex. As an agency, we hold true that the longer those in recovery stay within a continuum of care that focuses on maintaining the skills and tools learned in the residential portion of the program, the higher probability for long-term sustained recovery.