Name of the Agency: Lowell House, Inc

Name of the House/Facility: Glenice Sheehan Women’s House

Address: 365 East St Bldg 2-9 Tewksbury, MA 01876

Phone (O): 978-640-0840

Phone (F):  978-640-1708


Mission Statement:

The Lowell House mission is to offer comprehensive and compassionate addiction-related services that aim to strengthen our community by rebuilding lives

Program Type:

Residential Rehabilitation Services (RRS) Facility (Recovery home, Halfway house), Adult females seeking substance use disorder treatment.


The Men’s Recovery Home, located on the grounds of the Tewksbury Hospital, has provided substance abuse treatment to individuals struggling with addictions since 1971. The program continues to provide critical housing and supportive services to over 24 men in early recovery. It serves as a centerpiece in the drug and alcohol recovery program in the city. Residents work as they prepare to return to the community, independent and substance free.

Admission Criteria:

Individuals eligible for

The individual is diagnosed as having a substance use disorder.

Individuals must be over the age of 18

Individuals must be able to understand and implement basic treatment philosophy, including self-help.

The individual is sufficiently stabilized to participate in the assessment process.

Individuals must understand the rules and regulations that govern the facility and prove capability of self-preservation

Individuals who require psychiatric treatment must be willing to work with mental health treatment facilities and must agree to surrender medications for storage in the facility’s safe daily distribution

Following a clinical assessment based on the six dimensions of the American Society for Addiction Medicine (ASAM) Criteria, the individual is deemed appropriate for a RSS level of care service

Individuals are not eligible for a

The individual does not have a substance use disorder as a primary diagnosis and can be treated effectively in community-based outpatient setting

The individual is experiencing symptoms of severe withdrawal that require the resources of a hospital, emergency department, and/or medically monitored withdrawal management facility, such as an Acute Treatment Services program.

The individual cannot be appropriately treated and/or is not safe in a community-based setting.

The applicant  currently has active tuberculosis or any other contagious or infectious disease: persons who require continuous professional health care (Lowell House does not discriminate against persons who are inflicted with or test positive for,  AIDS, HIV Infection/ or Hepatitis providing that they are ambulatory).

Applicant is still involved in the use of mind-altering substances including alcohol

The Clinical Director will determine eligibility and if eligible will schedule an interview to further determine appropriateness for the program. The interview will include a brief biopsychosocial and risk assessment

Referral Process: 

Applicant’s Case Manager will send the application and required documentation

The intake coordinator will review initial application, confirm that the application is complete

The Intake Coordinator will contact the applicant/case manager to schedule an interview

Once the interview has taken place the Clinical Director will review the application and initial interview form, if necessary, ask for additional documents by an email or a phone call

After applicant has been determined to meet all criteria for admission they are then placed on the waitlist.

After placed on the Wait list, the Applicant is to check-in daily by calling our main line at 978.640.0840. and ask for the intake coordinator and leave a message.

When space becomes available, the Applicant and their Case Manager will be informed of the date/time of the scheduled intake.

Admission Contact:

Jessie Gadd, LICSW Clinical Director and for more information, please contact at 978-640-0840 or