Name of the Agency: Volunteers of America of Massachusetts

Name of the House/Facility: Hello House for Women

Address: Located in Boston, MA

Phone (O): 617-326-6484

Phone (F):617-506-7508


Mission Statement:Volunteers of America Massachusetts is dedicated to serving those most in need, especially the vulnerable, the hardest to serve, and those facing multiple challenges. Our work touches the mind, body, heart, and ultimately the spirit of those we serve, integrating our deep compassion with highly effective programs and services.

Program Type:Women’s residential recovery program for individuals who have a substance use disorder and assists them in identifying the underlying causes that can contribute to them.

About:Volunteers of America Massachusetts is a 501(c)(3) organization serving low-income, homeless, and vulnerable populations throughout Eastern Massachusetts. We provide vital services to thousands of individuals and their families – and we’ve been doing it for over 100 years.

Our programs serve the community across the life span from at risk youth to elders in need.  Our comprehensive services include:

Programming for At-Risk Youth

Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services

Veterans Services

Independent and Assisted Living for Seniors

Re-entry programming for Incarcerated Offender

Admission Criteria:

Individual is 18+ years old

Individual is NOT pregnant or post-partum

Individual has an SUD diagnosis

Individual is medically appropriate per ASAM dimension 1

Individual is able to work or secure benefits

Referral Process: Please click on the following link: Hello House for Women

Admission Contact:

Contact us for a confidential assessment or for more information:

Tiesha Reyes-Flores, Director

Hello House: 617-326-6484

Dorchester, MA

Email: treyes@voamass.org