hurley house

Name of the Agency: Middlesex Human Service Agency, Inc. (MHSA)

Name of the House/Facility: Hurley House

Address: 12 Lowell Street, Waltham, MA 02453

Phone (O): (781) 899-2540

Phone (F): (781) 891-9293


Mission Statement:

MHSA provides community-based shelter, nutrition, and recovery programs throughout Greater Boston to individuals and families in need, along with the life skills needed to build self-sufficiency to end homelessness, hunger and addiction.

Program Type:

Residential substance use disorder recovery home for men.


Established in 1973, Hurley House has provided more than four decades of intensive recovery services to community members affected by substance use disorders.  With a team of highly-trained counselors, Hurley House provides an array of evidence-based treatment options to 20 adult men.  Having joined MHSA in 2018, Hurley House is also the newest addition to MHSA’s substance use disorder recovery network.

Over the course of up to six months, Hurley House clients are given the individualized clinical support needed to pursue their recovery and achieve a variety of personal and programmatic goals.  While in the program, clients are given access to various outside referrals, in addition to specialized in-house services, such as group meetings, individual counseling sessions, financial education, career support, life skills training and more.

Upon successful completion of the program, Hurley House employees assist in placing clients into stable, sober living environments where they can continue to thrive as productive members of their individual networks and communities.

Admission Criteria:

Participants must be 18+ years old and referred by an outside service provider (such as a detox program, CSS, TSS, court/criminal justice program or sober shelter). All potential clients must have their service provider contact our program staff to schedule an intake session and discuss the admissions process. Call 781-899-2540 to register.  For general inquiries, please send an e-mail to:

Referral Process: 

Applicant’s Case Manager should call Hurley House directly at 781-899-2540. The Hurley House Program Director will request any additional client information at that time.

Admission Contact:

Please call the Hurley House Program Director at: 781-899-2540.