link house

Name of the Agency: Link House Inc.

Name of the House/Facility: Link House RRS

Address: 37 Washington Street Newburyport, MA 01950

Phone (O): (978) 462-7341

Phone (F): (978) 462-7461


Mission Statement:  Our mission is to offer recovering addicts and alcoholics the opportunity to change their substance-centered lifestyle. Their reintegration into society is part of our total approach in the fight against substance use. We provide a safe, sober, and supportive environment, which empowers men in their recovery, thus helping them to transition into independent living. Sobriety is an integral aspect of this mission, but by no means is it our only goal. We are committed to assisting in providing the tools necessary for allowing our residents to establish themselves back in the “real whole” as productive, self-supporting individuals, in a material and emotional sense.

Program Type:  Residential Rehabilitation Facility

About:  The Link House RRS is a 6–9-month, non-working, 19 bed, addiction treatment program for adult men, 18-years of age and older. We have been in Newburyport since 1972 and are in the heart of downtown Newburyport within immediate walking access to stores, shops, hospital and medical offices, churches and synagogues, YWCA, and numerous parks with river and beach access. Although most residents complete the program within 6 months of admission, the length of treatment can vary. The Link House provides a structured program providing access to up to 14 NA/AA self-help groups per week, daily clinical groups, and weekly individual counseling. While here at the Link House RRS, residents work on relapse prevention, trust with self and others, honesty, communication skills, anger management, and how to lead a sober and productive life. Residents learn life skills by being required to keep a clean-living space, completing a daily chore, planning transitional living/aftercare plans; dealing with but not limited to legal issues (probation/parole), driving issues (obtaining license, paying fines), acquiring/maintaining Mass Health/health insurance, Social Security and DTA. Twelve step recovery is incorporated into the residents’ recovery as well as volunteer work within community. The Link House is partially funded through the MA Department of Public Health and Bureau of Substance Addiction Services, and MassHealth.

Admission Criteria:  Admission requirements for the Link House RRS are as follows:

  • Massachusetts resident 18 years of age or older
  • Have a substance use disorder
  • Have valid insurance
  • Be detoxed and medically stable prior to being admitted with thirty (30) days sobriety
  • Be mentally stable and poses no risk to himself or others as evidence by no history of self-harm within the last year or thoughts with in the last 6 months

*We are not a dual diagnosis program; however, we do admit people with minor mental health issues that are stable on medication.

Referral Process:  The general process for a client to be placed and to maintain placement on the waitlist is as follows, in this order:

  • Phone intakes are done throughout the week, provided that the waitlist is open for new referrals
  • The prospective client himself will have to call to do the phone intake – we cannot speak with anyone on his behalf
  • The phone intake asks several questions of the prospective client’s background and current state
  • After the phone intake is complete, we will request the following documentation:
    • a biopsychosocial assessment (from their case worker/clinician)
    • a list of any medications he is currently taking with dosages and reasons they are prescribed
    • a copy of the results from a recent TB test/screen
    • a copy of proof of MA residency (Mass DL, Mass photo ID, mail with MA address)
    • a copy of insurance card and if applicable, Medicare and Mass Health cards
    • a copy of CORI/SORI if requested
  • Once the initial intake process is completed, we ask prospective clients to call back at least three consecutive weeks on either day that they called (e.g. if the prospective client’s intake is on a Monday, they will call only on Mondays – same for intakes done on Wednesdays) – it is imperative that the prospective client call to do these check-ins, as it ensures they remain on the waitlist
  • After three consecutive weeks of check-ins, the prospective client will be informed if he is eligible for a face-to-face interview here at the house with one of our counselors and that will be arranged. During COVID, Zoom interviews are an option.  Acceptance to our program will be determined within one week from the interview date.
  • Once accepted, the prospective client will have to continue to check-in weekly on their given day until a bed is available.

If a prospective client does not make his weekly check-ins for more than two weeks, he will be removed from the waitlist and his intake will be considered denied – if he is still interested in residency, the client will have to start over with a new intake and will be placed on the list accordingly at the discretion of our Program Director.

Admission Contact: Please call Link House RRS office at (978) 462-7341 to start the referral process.