Name of the Agency: Lowell House, Inc.

Name of the House/Facility: Men’s Recovery Home

Address: 365 East St Tewksbury, MA 01876

Phone (O): (978) 459-3371

Phone (F): (978) 459-9136


Mission Statement: The Lowell House mission is to offer comprehensive and compassionate addiction-related services that aim to strengthen our community by rebuilding lives.

Program Type: Residential Rehabilitation Services (RRS) Facility (Recovery home, Halfway house), Adult Males seeking substance use disorder treatment.

About: The Men’s Recovery Home, located on the grounds of the Tewksbury Hospital, has provided substance abuse treatment to individuals struggling with addictions since 1971. The program continues to provide critical housing and supportive services to over 24 men in early recovery. It serves as a centerpiece in the drug and alcohol recovery program in the city. Residents work as they prepare to return to the community, independent and substance free.

Admission Criteria:

Is at least 18 years old;

Have a diagnosis of substance use disorder;

Have been substance free for at least 30 days;

Be mentally/physically stable, does not pose a risk to self or others and have a no history of such behaviors;

Be able to participate in the Lowell House treatment program/house rules and abide by the personal/professional boundaries within a co-ed setting;

Be able to successfully complete the self-preservation test;

Have no personal circumstances/obligations preventing him or her from fulfilling treatment expectations (such as work, attend groups, chores, curfew etc.);

Is not currently infected with TB;

Is medically cleared per ASAM Dimension 1.

Referral Process:

Applicant’s Case Manager/Referral Source will send a completed application and biopsychosocial via fax or email to the intake coordinator.

Once those are received the referral source will be called to schedule an interview with the applicant.

Lowell House Clinical Director will review all of the information and, if necessary, ask for additional documents by an email or a phone call;

If deemed appropriate for placement, the Case Manager/Applicant will be informed that the Applicant is placed on Lowell House Wait list;

After placed on the Waitlist, the Applicant is to check-in weekly (Tuesdays) by calling our main line (978 )459-3371 and speaking to the intake coordinator or by leaving a message;

When space becomes available, the Applicant/Case Manager will be informed of the date/time of intake.

For any questions, please call our main line, (978) 459-3371 and speak with appropriate staff.

Admission Contact:

Michael Rubenstein – Intake Coordinator

Main Line: 978-459-3371

Fax: 978-459-9136