Name of the Agency: SEMCOA/ High Point

Name of the House/Facility:  Monarch House

Address: 252 County Street

Phone (O): 508-992-0800 or 508-997-1438

Phone (F): 508-993-1971

Website: https://www/

Mission Statement:  SEMCOA (Southeast Massachusetts Council on Addiction) is dedicated to the provision of residential and continuing care for those who have problems with substance use disorder (SUD) through programs that encourage clean and sober living and healthy choices. SEMCOA, Inc. also advocates for and provides substance abuse education and prevention programs in the community.

Program Type:  Monarch House is a 21-bed residential program for individuals who identify as female, are age 18 and older recovering from a substance use disorder (SUD) and related or co-occurring issues.

About:  Services include SUD counseling and counselor-facilitated on-site psycho-educational groups; development of an individualized treatment recovery plan and coordination with the Department of Children and Families, parole, probation, medical, mental health, and education agencies. In addition, other services provided include referrals made to outside agencies; medication monitoring, nutrition/daily living skills education, and discharge/after-care planning. Average length of stay is 3-9 months. Clients on or seeking referral for Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) are welcome

Admission Criteria:  Clients must meet Level 3.1 ASAM criteria.

Referral Process: Monarch House conducts telephone interviews upon receiving referrals from appropriate agencies, including verification of recent detoxification or release from an institution where the SUD history is documented

Admission Contact:  Intake Coordinator 508-997-1438 ext. 102