north cottage program, inc.

Name of the Agency:   North Cottage Program, Inc.

Name of the House/Facility:  North Cottage Program, Inc.

Address:  69 East Main Street, Norton MA 02766

Phone (O):  508-285-2701

Phone (F): 508-285-4771


Mission Statement:

The mission of the North Cottage Program, Inc. is to provide quality comprehensive residential substance addiction treatment to any addicted person who desires recovery and meets the objective standards for admission and participation in the essential components of the program.  

Fulfillment of this mission is guided by these practices and principles:

  • Provision of a safe, welcoming and supportive recovery environment.
  • The availability of treatment regardless of the applicant’s ability to pay.
  • Priority consideration for underserved or priority populations identified by North Cottage Program, Inc. and the Department of Public Health.
  • An individualized recovery plan that promotes recovery and prepares residents for independent living and an alcohol and drug-free lifestyle upon completion of the program.

Program Type: Residential Rehabilitation Facility (Recovery Home: Halfway House, Intensive Treatment Program, Multi-Phase Program)


The North Cottage Program, Inc. is a residential facility for substance use disorder treatment.  The Bureau of Substance Addiction Services of the Department of Public Health of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts licenses it. North Cottage provides treatment to adult males (minimum age 18) who are in the early stages of recovery.

North Cottage residents in all phases of the Program are each assigned to a counselor who functions as both a therapist and case manager.  Referrals for ancillary services are made as indicated, and include services for medical, psychiatric, legal, vocational, and housing issues.  Additional, voluntary therapy groups are available at the residents’ request or the counselors’ recommendation.

Admission Criteria:

  • Resident of Massachusetts
  • Must have no acute or contagious disease.  Health status must fully permit participation in program.
  • Must be capable of self-preservation and be able to exit quickly in case of emergency.
  • Must not have been recently or repeatedly psychotic, suicidal, violent or dangerous, or appear likely to become so in the future.
  • If prescribed psychotropic medications, must be stabilized and oriented, and provide written psychiatric clearance and/or mental status examination.
  • When indicated, must be willing and able to engage in constructive activities such as employment or volunteer work.
  • Must give clear indications of a serious history of alcohol and/or drug abuse problems and be willing to admit that such problem exists.
  • Must be willing to accept further help; outpatient counseling, self-help involvement, as instructed and indicated.
  • Must voluntarily seek admission.
  • Must be capable of independent living following treatment.
  • Must have 7 days documented abstinence from alcohol and drugs.
  • Must be referred by a detox, correctional facility or sober holding program.  If self-referred, must document sobriety/drug-free status.  
  • Must have all legal matters resolved, have no active warrants and may not be a fugitive from the law.
  • Is compatible with current population.

Referral Process: 

  • In order to be referred for treatment to the North Cottage Program a caseworker needs to call our admissions department at Voice/TTY: 508-285-2701 ext. 138.

Admission Contact:

  • If you are a representative from a Detox or a Holding, you must call extension 138 (Greg Canavan) to make arrangements to fax or email the referral paperwork
  • The referral fax number is 508-285-9639.
  • Email